Mother's Day Gift


I have to admit my handmade mother's day presents have come a long way since macaroni picture frames. I decided to make my mom a light cotton robe to wear whilst drink coffee on the deck this summer. I was going to free style it in my usual way but after finding this shirt pattern in the $1 section I thought I could modify it just enough to get the robe I envisioned out of it. Also, I wanted to prove to my mom that I can sew from a pattern. She thinks me making my wedding dress is going to end in disaster. She taught me how to sew but seems to have no faith in me! Mom's these days!

_DSC0138 _DSC0139 _DSC0142


  1. So pretty! I really love the fabric you picked out. And it's so amazing that you're making your own wedding dress! I can't wait to see it.

  2. That fabric is magnificent and that is going to be a wonderful and most adored present, I'm sure of it! What a wonderful daughter you are!


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