One Photo, Three Ways

     I was playing around in lightroom last night so here is another instalment of one photo, three ways. This is quite possibly my favourite photo I have ever taken so it has cropped up on here before. It's one of those photos that not only turned out nice but has such great memories attached to it! We went to check out the ocean bird nesting habitat as it was the perfect time of year. When we arrive we heard millions of birds that had colonized a towering rock in the ocean but the fog was so thick we never saw a single one! We just sat and listened to them and had to use our imaginations! My favourite is number 3. Whats yours?

Fuji Velvia 50 Balance Warm:

N-Fuji Neopan 1600 +:

Remy (From a beautiful mess' lightroom actions):



  1. What a beautiful photograph! I love that fog!

  2. Mine is number 1!! which actions did u use for that one?

  3. At first I couldn't decide for 1 or 3, but then I decided for 3. Don't ask me why :)


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