River Otters, Newfoundland

On a little road trip we stopped at this bridge to check out the rapids and have a little stretch. We started hearing the strangest high pitched squeak and David (being the avid bird watcher) was extremely intrigued so we headed down to the banks to see if we could find this mysterious bird. Low and behold it was the most playful pair of river otters squeaking away at each other. Bobbing in and out of the foam, diving off the rocks and throughly enjoying themselves. They are a bit hard to see in some of these photographs but they are in numbers 3, 5, 6. Talk about a bad day to forget the zoom lens! 


  1. Oh my! I absolutely love these! What an incredible place!

  2. Oh gosh, I need to come for a visit! This place is STUNNING.

  3. <3!
    You make me want to see newfoundland for myself.

  4. This place is perfection. I love that you got to see otters, too. They are the most playful animals. Totally jealous!

  5. 4th photo made me fall in love <3 :) And my camera strap is made for me by a friend blogger. :)


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