Somewhere Oceanside

I really could use an adventure right now! Hopefully in 2 months time we will be able to go back to Newfoundland for a vacation. This weekend was a long one but we didn't do any travelling. My hatred of driving really tends to hold us back. I am fine being a passenger but David's car isn't reliable enough for a long trip and my car is a standard (which he doesn't drive) so if we want to go anywhere I am left driving and I am usually annoyed the entire time! Arn't I a treat! haha


  1. oh I hope you get a little trip soon! just got back from a 2 week break and it was the best ever. so refreshing

  2. Absolutely dream-like! I love the mood of these photographs!

  3. So much beauty, I could honestly get lost staring at these images. They evoke such a sense of peace and calm... exactly what I need for this hectic day! ;) And all the best with your garden, how exciting. We have community plots where we live but I've only ever planted herbs. One day I'll stretch my green thumb!! xoxo


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