Wedding Thoughts On: Where and When

I'm still going to hold true to not sharing huge pinterest collage about wedding details but this year I have found my little photo blog turning into more of a place to document all parts of my life and not just my travels. Thus spurring this impulse to start writing down my thoughts, strategies, and questions that crop up while planning. Don't mind me...

Where and When

I can't claim to be one of those girls who had their wedding planned from an early age. Marriage just doesn't happen often in my family and when it does its usually on a very small and simple scale. Case in point: I once got a postcard in the mail from my Aunt that said "Hello, having a lovely time in California. Me and Uncle Jack got married! -Carrol". Can't get any more low key then not even telling anyone about it! So the thought of a wedding was somewhat foreign to me.

The first thing we needed to figure out was the where and when (When I say "we", I mostly mean "me" because manly men don't plan weddings). While being fully mindful of what I know David would want and not want in a wedding, "we" decided on the time frame. Time was required to save up so this summer was probably out of the question... 2015 it is!

Next thing was the place. Alberta is alright. It's where I grew up and where we met but from a landlubber's point of view it pales in comparison Newfoundland. The town of Placentia (pictured above) is where David's Mom grew up and is so quaint, quiet, and full of historical beauty that it instantly sprang into my mind. David was (not so) secretly thrilled I wasn't even entertaining the idea of holding it in Alberta.

Sacred Heart Church was built in 1889 and the site has hosted a church in one form or another since 1662. I am a sucker for history! After too many questions bugging the nice lady at the church via multiple emails we settled on a date: July 31, 2015. This also happens to be my older brothers birthday but he said at his age birthdays are meaningless so he didn't mind. Such a ray of sunshine haha!

There we have it! Step one is done! Phew. (Photos are all of Placentia, Newfoundland)


  1. That looks like a dream location to me! Good choice, Shy!

  2. Wonderful choice, Shy (and David :) )! It looks fantastic!

  3. That church is beautiful! I love the windows. Is it as lovely from the inside? I looked for interior photos with no luck, but I did see that they're repainting the exterior so hopefully it will be all prettied up for your wedding day!


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