Between Lenses: Dreams

Dreams is the topic for this months Between Lenses brought to you by Latrina and Tara. Polly has been creating beautiful double exposures lately and I always find them to be very dreamlike so when the topic came up as Dreams I knew immediately I wanted to create a double exposure. There are never rhyme nor reason in my dreams. Familiar places blend into strange lands, reality and fantasy collide and this is what I feel when I look at a double exposures. Like they are part of the mix and match that happens in dreams.


In The Garden V.5 - Planting

These photos are from a few weeks ago when we moved the plants out of the greenhouse and got the seeds in the ground. Since then we have had some bad weather that has made our poor cucumbers suffer but I think they will come back. We still need to put a fence up around the garden to prevent wandering pets (see below) and wandering wildlife from destroying the place.

Over the winter we had a bird feeder set up on the south side of the garden. Those lovely birds decided to plant about 1000 sunflowers throughout the garden now so we are still trying to get rid of that. We decided to leave the thickest section that is at the end of the corn rows to see if we can get some free bird food for next year out it!

Lets talk about this little guy here for a second. Sometimes he gets too excited and waltzes right through the garden. This is followed by a "STOP!", he freezes, and I make him sit on the side of the garden. He then proceeds to look at me like I've just ruined his whole life. How can you be mad at this face?! And just to rub in how "mean" I am to him he will sit in that same spot for 20 minutes just giving you that look while you continue on your business. He sure has mastered making me feel guilty!

... just sitting there still making me feel bad.

Yep... still there...still sad...


Drive By: Central Alberta

Road trips and me have a love/hate relationship. I like them when my destination is somewhere where I can relax for a few days or I am in no hurry and can meander around. I dislike road trips when they have to be rushed and I have to work the next day. This was a quick business trip to Calgary and back in the same day. That is about 6-7 hours of driving, which is way too much for one day in my books. At the very least I was able to salvage a boring day by getting to take a few photos from the passenger window as the "sights" passed us by. 


Wedding Thoughts On: Bridesmaid Dresses

None of my bridesmaids live near me. The closest being two hours away and the furthest being an eight hour plane ride away. This makes it tough to formally ask any of them to be a bridesmaid! In reality they all already assumed they would be involved as all good friends would but I still wanted to send a little something in the mail to make it official.

Another reason I wanted to use snail mail was that due to our far distances (and my dislike of most bridesmaid dresses) I wanted them to choose their own dress. Nothing worse than having to shell out too much money for a hideous dress you will never wear again. It dawned on me that I should raid the local hardware store of its paint chips and cut them up to make a swatch card for some colour ideas for their dresses. These photos make them look relatively the same but they range from cream to pink to purple. I cut up the paint chips and made up a card to print off and wrote everyone a little note!

I am quite happy with the way it turned out! You can download the card I made up here if you would like to use it! 


Summer Storms

While I don't love Alberta's temperature extremes, I do love the summer storms. The storms here usually don't last too long. They move quickly through the sky. On this day we had to seek shelter on various occasions but it made for perfect gardening weather. Warm for us to work in, rainy for our plants to drink from, windy for the mosquitos to leave us alone. Perfect.


In The Garden V.4 - Garden Box

Since our garden is so far away from us, I decided to make a garden box to keep our seeds, plant accessories, and information in. This makes it easy to grab and bring with us when we go out the garden and also keeps the essentials in one place so we aren't scrambling to remember where we put this and that.



First I spray painted an empty wooden box I had laying around. I divided the garden box into three section by cutting up a cardboard box. I also cut a few left overs for dividers from my seeds.

Inside the box there is obviously all my seeds. I have a row for me newly purchased seeds from this year, opened seeds from the past years, a section of herbs/tomatoes for at home, and a flower section.

Also inside are:

-Small notebook: Jot down the dates you planted to keep track of when they will be ripe. Write down what worked out and what didn't that year and any other garden related notes.

-Plant Markers: A pack of plant markers. You need to remember what is what!

-Pen, Pencil, Permanent Marker: Pen and a pencil just because I like to be prepared and a sharpie for writing on your plant markers.

-Kabab skewers: These will help make the plants grow up where you want them and keep then from squishing each other.

_DSC0063 _DSC0064 _DSC0066 _DSC0070


Sherwood Park, Alberta

I know the rest of the northern hemisphere has already hit the flowering section of the spring but we take things a little slower here in Alberta. Granted these flowers were starting to drop off when I finally made it over to this park. I find it so weird to take photos when I know other people are around. I much rather like to be completely secluded. Thanks to my mom I am doomed to be "shy" forever. Literally. David finds it so strange that when I order take-out over the phone I always give my name as Jenn. He thinks I should be happy to be Shy. Last night he was placing an order on our way back to the city and decided to give my name... cue the lady on the line repeating "Shawn" over and over until he just gave in and said it was for Shawn... Jenn is just so much easier to be.


Wedding Thoughts On: Budget


I am a thrifty gal by nature. I never buy anything unless it's on sale or second hand, I try homemade alternatives to everything when I can, and I never make purchases I that can't be paid in full... To say I am fiscally responsible is an understatement. This is why parting with so much money at once is absolutely terrifying! Scared as I am, I also understand the fun and importance of sharing and hosting a celebration with family and friends. Enter the Wedding Budget.

I am a list person. I have about 10 going at all times. I like to be hyper organized and Google Drive is my best friend. I am working on my budget spreadsheet more then anything at the moment. I searched around on the internet for a good wedding budget spreadsheet to start from but they were all much too complicated for my simple wedding ideas so I made my own. You can grab it here if you want. I started by entering in researched rough numbers and then tweaked them based on what was more important and less important. I continue to replace my estimated numbers with real ones as I go along. I find laying out the whole budget made it easier to realize a hierarchy of items and set budget goals for individual items. Surprisingly some things that (at first) I thought were very important slowly made their way down the list once I started working out costs.

My goal budget: $3000.00.

Or as close as I can get. This doesn't include plane tickets but our accommodation will be free as we will be staying with relatives. Now to get into the nitty gritty...


Banff, Alberta

The camera god's were not being kind to me this weekend! The trees are all fragrant and in bloom here finally and I noticed the most lovely trees in a park near my work. I planned to stop there after work Friday and take some photos of them. Once I arrived I noticed my camera had been switched on all day so the battery was drained.... nuts. I went on home and knew I was going to visit my mom's the next day and she has some crabapple and mayday trees that would be in bloom. Once I got to my mom's (making extra sure I had the camera off and a full battery) I realized I had forgotten my memory card!! So my plans on posting some lovely blooming trees were dashed. Instead you get some photos of a dreary day in Banff from a few years ago! Hopefully I can get my act together this week.

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