In The Garden V.4 - Garden Box

Since our garden is so far away from us, I decided to make a garden box to keep our seeds, plant accessories, and information in. This makes it easy to grab and bring with us when we go out the garden and also keeps the essentials in one place so we aren't scrambling to remember where we put this and that.



First I spray painted an empty wooden box I had laying around. I divided the garden box into three section by cutting up a cardboard box. I also cut a few left overs for dividers from my seeds.

Inside the box there is obviously all my seeds. I have a row for me newly purchased seeds from this year, opened seeds from the past years, a section of herbs/tomatoes for at home, and a flower section.

Also inside are:

-Small notebook: Jot down the dates you planted to keep track of when they will be ripe. Write down what worked out and what didn't that year and any other garden related notes.

-Plant Markers: A pack of plant markers. You need to remember what is what!

-Pen, Pencil, Permanent Marker: Pen and a pencil just because I like to be prepared and a sharpie for writing on your plant markers.

-Kabab skewers: These will help make the plants grow up where you want them and keep then from squishing each other.

_DSC0063 _DSC0064 _DSC0066 _DSC0070


  1. Wow, such good organisation. When i will have my garden i will surely follow this. :)


Thank you for your comment!

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