In The Garden V.5 - Planting

These photos are from a few weeks ago when we moved the plants out of the greenhouse and got the seeds in the ground. Since then we have had some bad weather that has made our poor cucumbers suffer but I think they will come back. We still need to put a fence up around the garden to prevent wandering pets (see below) and wandering wildlife from destroying the place.

Over the winter we had a bird feeder set up on the south side of the garden. Those lovely birds decided to plant about 1000 sunflowers throughout the garden now so we are still trying to get rid of that. We decided to leave the thickest section that is at the end of the corn rows to see if we can get some free bird food for next year out it!

Lets talk about this little guy here for a second. Sometimes he gets too excited and waltzes right through the garden. This is followed by a "STOP!", he freezes, and I make him sit on the side of the garden. He then proceeds to look at me like I've just ruined his whole life. How can you be mad at this face?! And just to rub in how "mean" I am to him he will sit in that same spot for 20 minutes just giving you that look while you continue on your business. He sure has mastered making me feel guilty!

... just sitting there still making me feel bad.

Yep... still there...still sad...


  1. What a wonderful plot! I wish I had one

  2. oh shy! although you call it garden to me it's more like a farm. :-)
    and your dog just melted my heart ♡♡♡


Thank you for your comment!

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