Sherwood Park, Alberta

I know the rest of the northern hemisphere has already hit the flowering section of the spring but we take things a little slower here in Alberta. Granted these flowers were starting to drop off when I finally made it over to this park. I find it so weird to take photos when I know other people are around. I much rather like to be completely secluded. Thanks to my mom I am doomed to be "shy" forever. Literally. David finds it so strange that when I order take-out over the phone I always give my name as Jenn. He thinks I should be happy to be Shy. Last night he was placing an order on our way back to the city and decided to give my name... cue the lady on the line repeating "Shawn" over and over until he just gave in and said it was for Shawn... Jenn is just so much easier to be.


  1. These are so full of beauty!!!

    PS: It's time to give Shy another meaning ;)

  2. I've been rather obsessed with all of our blossoming trees and flowers this spring. Whenever Martin & I go for a walk... I turn into a snap happy fool! ;) Your shots are absolutely gorgeous by the way, and me too, I can be very shy at times. Although, surprisingly blogging has helped me bring me out of my shell, a lot. xoxo

  3. this is so beautiful! love spring in Canada!

  4. blooming season! so, so beautiful.

  5. gorgeous photos! make me so proud of alberta :)


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