Wedding Thoughts On: Bridesmaid Dresses

None of my bridesmaids live near me. The closest being two hours away and the furthest being an eight hour plane ride away. This makes it tough to formally ask any of them to be a bridesmaid! In reality they all already assumed they would be involved as all good friends would but I still wanted to send a little something in the mail to make it official.

Another reason I wanted to use snail mail was that due to our far distances (and my dislike of most bridesmaid dresses) I wanted them to choose their own dress. Nothing worse than having to shell out too much money for a hideous dress you will never wear again. It dawned on me that I should raid the local hardware store of its paint chips and cut them up to make a swatch card for some colour ideas for their dresses. These photos make them look relatively the same but they range from cream to pink to purple. I cut up the paint chips and made up a card to print off and wrote everyone a little note!

I am quite happy with the way it turned out! You can download the card I made up here if you would like to use it! 


  1. Wow, those cards are incredible! I'd definitely say yes :)

  2. I love what you came up with!! The cards look gorgeous and I love the idea of bridesmaids picking their own dresses... can not wait to see your wedding. I'm certain it's going to be so beautiful, I love your taste and aesthetic!! xoxo

    PS - I've been thinking of doing blogging design tips. Let's see what I can cook up! :)

  3. love the cards!

  4. That's a fantastic idea! you'll be able to have the colors you like best at your wedding and they'll be able to buy a dress they will actually love and will be more likely to use several times


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