Elk Island National Park - Part 1

On Canada Day last week we decided to go for a little hike in Elk Island Park. It was definitely one to remember.

We started out along what we thought was going to be a lakeside trail but after a brief glimpse at the beginning we didn't see the lake until we got to the full other end...2 hours later. That first half of the walk was fine and dandy. It was very hot out but the woods shaded us enough that it wasn't too uncomfortable. We then got to the large open grasslands we had to cross to get to the other side of the lake for the walk back. It was scorching in this big open space so we stopped for another drink before we carried on to the other side. There were lots of animal trails in the grassy area and somewhere along the way we veered off the hiking trail (which really isn't well marked in the first place) and onto an animal trail which lead us way out of the way and into a bog. An awful smelly bog. Towers of mosquitos then converged onto us. Deep Woods had no effect. We ran in an attempt to stop ourselves from going batty with the biting and buzzing. While running my shoes sunk into the bog and I ran right out of them! David went back and got them for me even though I was fully prepared to walk back shoeless if it meant no more mosquitos. Now I had bog soaked feet in bog soaked socks in bog soaked shoes and I smelt awful. After about an hour running away from bogs we gave up on finding the trail at the other side of the grasslands and made our way back to trail we came in on. Another 2 hours later and some mild heat exhaustion we made it back to the car!

I am not made for hot weather!

These photos are from the fine and dandy first part of the walk. Next week I will have part 2 of the grassy area with the special wildlife we ran into! There is no photographic evidence of the walk back as I was too distraught! Ha!

Cool hat.


  1. What a dream! And I love the little Canada flag you placed on your backpack for Canada Day!

    1. Just doing my part to be patriotic for the day! hehe


Thank you for your comment!

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