Medicine Lake, Alberta

Last weekend we took a little road trip into the Rocky Mountains. It was a scorching hot weekend so our time was mostly spent lake hopping. We decided to head up to Maligne Lake. The road is winding and beautiful and takes you by Medicine Lake (pictured here). As we drove up into the peaks we ran into not one...not two... but three separate bears! We only stopped to take photos of one since he was a safe distance from the car. The others were literally less than a stones throw from the road.

That didn't seem to deter people from getting out and walking their kids less than 5 feet from it!! I was honestly shocked with the stupidity of people repeatedly on this little trip when it came to wild life! In what universe is walking you or your child up to a wild black bear ok?! No universe.

Anyways! These photos were safely shot from the vehicle with the zoom lens 100% zooming!


  1. WOW! These photos are stunning. Hope you had a great little trip:)


  2. absolutely stunning photos!
    and medicine lake! does it have healing powers? :)

  3. Literally, while looking at these I went "OHHH MY GOOOOOD!" out loud. How utterly beautiful!

  4. oh, wow! Stunning, so amazing :) I love this bear.

  5. That place is sooooo dreamy! Beautiful photography :)

  6. Wow that landscape is incredible! and how amazing you were so close to that bear! wasn't he bothered?

  7. oh wow, such a stunning landscape! And crazy bear people, glad you were safe!


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