Red Tail Hawk

Excuse my fuzzy photos but the zoom lens was working overtime on catching up to this guy. There is always a family of Redtail Hawks living near my mom's house every summer. You can hear their screech and watch them hover over the fields looking for a quick meal. Shortly after I put my camera away the resident crows got into a tizzy about this guy floating around. One alerted the others and soon they were swooping and chasing the hawk away. In reality the hawk isn't that afraid but more annoyed that he can't hunt in peace and he moves on to the next field.

The crow family is actually the best guard "dogs" you could ever ask for. If anything at all is amiss they will let you know. I've seen them get all upset about a coyote before! Swooping, squawking, and irritating it until it finally went on it's way. I'm sure the cats appreciate that. It's a good thing we lived here before they moved in or else we might be driven away! If you are going for a walk a little further than usual they will hover above you dangerously low while giving you the side eye. You can't sneak passed them. A bunch of photos of a hawk and I end up talking about the crow family the whole post? 

That little speck was the hawk before he was driven away!


  1. These are not fuzzy at all, but absolutely splendid! Thanks for sharing these, Shy!

  2. wow, amazing!
    only once i have seen hawk from very close distance out in open (not in zoo or bird park); and they are awfully big.


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