Resolutions V.5.1 - More Pottery!

This is my favourite little set from my attempts at pottery this year. I loved this combination of glazes. They were dipped in midnight blue with red/green glaze dipped overtop. If you decide to take a pottery class I would suggest using your first separates to find out what glaze combinations you like and then focus on making a set. Part of the reason I love my cream and sugar containers so much is because they are more usable than the random stuff I started out making. You have to start somewhere though!

I ended up making a few bowls but only got to make one plate and I was kicking myself as they are so easy! Excellent for using left over clay!

Another functional piece I made was a simple spoon rest. I made a small plate and then pushed one section out flat. I love the simplicity and if I take the class again everyone will be getting them for Christmas.

These are a few of my first wheel attempts..... not very good at all! Lopsided and uneven. I did use them to try out some glazes though!


  1. Oh but the mixtures of colours on these clay pieces are brilliant!

  2. wow; i hope i will take pottery class one day! these are awesome pieces!


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