What June Looked Like

I can't believe it's already July! June saw the last of the trees blooming and brought us well into gardening season. We had a bit of rough weather (including lovely thunder storms) so we have some sad cucumbers and lost a few spaghetti squashes but all in all the garden is going great. I finished my pottery class and will share my final projects soon. David finished up with the school and he is summer vacation now... I am so very jealous! Hopefully July will bring us a few trips and adventures. I am in dire need of a break from work. We need some breathing space if I want to stay sane. Last week we went for a little hike out of the city so I hope that will set the tone for an adventurous summer!  How was your June?


  1. I always love your month's brief, Shy!
    Have a wonderful July!

  2. hope july will bring loads of travel for you!


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