In the Garden V.9 - Balcony Tomatoes

Our cherry tomatoes are just starting to ripen on our balcony. This take a little longer up here in Alberta! Our beefy tomatoes have yet to turn but I am getting quite impatient about it all. I want them now! We actually can't really walk onto the balcony due to all the plants. We have invented some kind of plant watering yoga with all the random balancing we have to do just to make sure everyone is good and wet. 

We slowly moved them to bigger and bigger pots and ended up in a 5 gallon pot each. We only have four plants but they are huge. Over 6 ft tall! With having south facing windows, they make us a nice bit of shade so that is a bonus. We also put some plastic lids (that came from a sandwich tray we had at a work lunch, waste not want not). We use this if we are out all day or gone for a weekend. It holds 6 litres of water in each sandwich tray lid that the plants can soak up at their own pace. We were gone for three very hot days and our plants only had about an inch of water left when we came home. These guys are always thirsty. 

We also added marigold (lupins and snapdragons as well though they haven't bloomed yet) for three reasons: they are lovely, pesky bugs hate them, and bees love them. It's only so good to get your tomatoes growing. You have to make sure something is going to come along and pollinate them as well! Its certainly worked as we have over twenty beefy tomatoes and who knows how many cherry tomatoes on our plants.  Hopefully more to come as well!


On our way back...

We are off for another mountainous trip for a few days. I've never done the drive from Jasper down to Banff and Canmore so it should be a nice little road trip and then home in time to relax before the long weekend is over!

This is another bit of Pyramid Lake on those smoky days in July. The cool lake was the only way to beat the heat and humidity. I am very happy this little trip will provide some cooler temperatures. See you back next week for September (already!?!?!?).


Instagram Round-Up - Summer

I haven't done an instagram round up in ages. So here are a few from over the summer so far. We are heading back to the mountains next week to Jasper again and then on to Lake Louise, Banff, and Canmore. A little break was in order before I start a busy autumn. I have pottery classes again as well as our 6 week marriage prep course which I am a little nervous about. Seems pretty intense! It's also going to be a very, very busy season at work. Fire alarm drawings are about to become my sole purpose in life for awhile... yay?

One last thing...

Not my most flattering photo but what can you expect from a day of gardening! I was in the garage taking a break from the heat when my little buddy thought he should take a break as well. I was in his chair.


In The Garden V.8 - Fruits of Labour

Every Saturday we venture out to my mom's house which is where our garden is located. At this point we don't really have to do much. The weeds are under control and other than a bit of watering we just sit back and let it grow. For the last month we have been having steady produce coming out of it. The was last Saturday's haul. My mom takes a similar amount per week as well. I should do a cost analysis on how much we save in groceries per week. We haven't had to buy any vegetables since the beginning of July now. If we were vegetarians we would barely have to even buy anything at the store

I've been having at least a cucumber a day which is so refreshing when it's so hot out.

I think some bugs may have had a taste of our turnips which I was worried about. I will have to cut in to see if they just had a nibble and saved the rest for us.

I've never grown spaghetti squash before so I'm not sure if this one is fully ripe yet. He was the biggest so I will test him out this week.

I have barely had any fresh corn this summer! Going to change that now.

David joked that he feels like a "zucchini-tarian" because we have been eating it in absolutely everything.

 Next week I am going to post on little deck tomato garden!



These photos are from way back on July 1 when we went for the most.....special.... hike.  Some delicate little wildflowers. We went to a botanical garden last week so expect some serious floral photos coming up. I really love the way these came out. Looks like a dream world, which is how I am going to choose to remember it (instead of being chased by 1000 mosquitos).


Between Lenses: Symmetry

This months Between Lenses subject (brought to you by Latrina and Tara  is symmetry. What better place to find symmetry than in nature. I ventured out with my camera and I came across something unexpected. Not only were these flowers perfectly spherical but the bees had sat themselves in such an orderly position cutting the flower into thirds. Visually cut the flower in half from top to bottom and the bees make an almost exact mirror image. If only that bottom guy could scooch over just a tad to the left but hey, he was busy! I was drawn to the flowers by their globe shape but these cute little guys were an added bonus!


Last bit of Pottery

Here are the last few bits of my pottery experience. I have to say i enjoyed it so much I just signed up to take the Fall class as well. Just when I was getting the hang of it it was over!

A well used pottery apron.


Maligne Lake, Alberta

For some reason I had never ventured up to Maligne Lake while on my numerous trips to Jasper. It was an easy 45 minute drive from the town and it held some amazing views. We saw all the black bears along that road. We went for an a little canoe ride down the lake as it was perfect canoeing weather. So calm. The cool mountain air and the glacier fed lake made the 33° C day a bit more bareable. I am way to frightened to take my camera actually in the canoe but to be honest sometimes it's just nice to sit back and take it all in without the need to snap away.

We stopped at our car for a snack and this cheeky little Grey Jay wanted to share with us. I know you're not supposed to feed the animals but he practically stole it! Besides who can say no to that little dishevaled face!


Pyramid Lake, Jasper

I am not big into fishing. I feel bad for the poor little guys even when you throw them back but two weekends a year you don't need to buy a fishing license and David wanted to take advantage of that. Lucky for me (unlucky for him) none of the fish were biting. We could see them but they just weren't interested! 

There was a massive forest fire raging a few hours south of Jasper the day we were here and it was creating the most lovely foggy effect over the mountains. I took way too many photos!

My posting has been wonky these last few weeks and I blame it on too much work. I haven't had a proper holiday since last July and it's starting to show. Example: I usually post travel photos on Tuesdays and yet here we are on Friday! We booked a trip to Newfoundland for the end of August but had to cancel due to family logistics. We are hoping to go for Christmas instead so a holiday will need to wait a few more months. Heavy sigh......

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