Between Lenses: Symmetry

This months Between Lenses subject (brought to you by Latrina and Tara  is symmetry. What better place to find symmetry than in nature. I ventured out with my camera and I came across something unexpected. Not only were these flowers perfectly spherical but the bees had sat themselves in such an orderly position cutting the flower into thirds. Visually cut the flower in half from top to bottom and the bees make an almost exact mirror image. If only that bottom guy could scooch over just a tad to the left but hey, he was busy! I was drawn to the flowers by their globe shape but these cute little guys were an added bonus!


  1. Oh wow, this is gorgeous! I can't get over how awesome it was for you to catch this -- great capture! And those flowers are incredible, I've never seen anything like it before.

    This is just perfect. It's not easy to find symmetry in nature, but you nailed it!

  2. We have these flowers in my parents garden. They are incredible beautiful and very photogenic (if you can say that about a plant/flower).

    Btw. I found your blog some weeks ago. Love your photography. It's such a joy scrolling through your posts :)

  3. I adore symmetry in photos, I always find it so unique that nature can look like this :)

  4. Gorgeous photo, love the way you have thought about the symmetry in this. x


  5. these flowers are a gorgeous shade of purple!

  6. Oh mother nature!! I'm excited to join in this Between Lenses challenge, thank you for sharing :)


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