In The Garden V.8 - Fruits of Labour

Every Saturday we venture out to my mom's house which is where our garden is located. At this point we don't really have to do much. The weeds are under control and other than a bit of watering we just sit back and let it grow. For the last month we have been having steady produce coming out of it. The was last Saturday's haul. My mom takes a similar amount per week as well. I should do a cost analysis on how much we save in groceries per week. We haven't had to buy any vegetables since the beginning of July now. If we were vegetarians we would barely have to even buy anything at the store

I've been having at least a cucumber a day which is so refreshing when it's so hot out.

I think some bugs may have had a taste of our turnips which I was worried about. I will have to cut in to see if they just had a nibble and saved the rest for us.

I've never grown spaghetti squash before so I'm not sure if this one is fully ripe yet. He was the biggest so I will test him out this week.

I have barely had any fresh corn this summer! Going to change that now.

David joked that he feels like a "zucchini-tarian" because we have been eating it in absolutely everything.

 Next week I am going to post on little deck tomato garden!


  1. What a cool thing to do! There's something refreshing and rewarding about growing your own produce. It looks beautiful!

  2. This is awesome. There's nothing like eating your own veggies... so much pride! Happy cooking, love!! xo

  3. Looks absolutely delicious! It must so much time you put into the garden.

  4. The zucchinis grow like crazy!! I have 6 new buds in my garden right now. And as a vegetarian, I would love to live with you guys!

  5. i wish one day i will grow my own food! till then i will follow your gardening! ;-)


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