In the Garden V.9 - Balcony Tomatoes

Our cherry tomatoes are just starting to ripen on our balcony. This take a little longer up here in Alberta! Our beefy tomatoes have yet to turn but I am getting quite impatient about it all. I want them now! We actually can't really walk onto the balcony due to all the plants. We have invented some kind of plant watering yoga with all the random balancing we have to do just to make sure everyone is good and wet. 

We slowly moved them to bigger and bigger pots and ended up in a 5 gallon pot each. We only have four plants but they are huge. Over 6 ft tall! With having south facing windows, they make us a nice bit of shade so that is a bonus. We also put some plastic lids (that came from a sandwich tray we had at a work lunch, waste not want not). We use this if we are out all day or gone for a weekend. It holds 6 litres of water in each sandwich tray lid that the plants can soak up at their own pace. We were gone for three very hot days and our plants only had about an inch of water left when we came home. These guys are always thirsty. 

We also added marigold (lupins and snapdragons as well though they haven't bloomed yet) for three reasons: they are lovely, pesky bugs hate them, and bees love them. It's only so good to get your tomatoes growing. You have to make sure something is going to come along and pollinate them as well! Its certainly worked as we have over twenty beefy tomatoes and who knows how many cherry tomatoes on our plants.  Hopefully more to come as well!


  1. They look so healthy!! Our tomatoes take a while to start ripening in Colorado too, at least at the higher elevations.

  2. Hi there :) I'm new to your blog, but wanted to just say - your photography is beautiful. I love the content you write about + share.. I'm big into the outdoors, gardening, simple living, etc. Can't wait to start following along with your blog... Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. everything looks so alive, its wonderful :)


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