Instagram Round-Up - Summer

I haven't done an instagram round up in ages. So here are a few from over the summer so far. We are heading back to the mountains next week to Jasper again and then on to Lake Louise, Banff, and Canmore. A little break was in order before I start a busy autumn. I have pottery classes again as well as our 6 week marriage prep course which I am a little nervous about. Seems pretty intense! It's also going to be a very, very busy season at work. Fire alarm drawings are about to become my sole purpose in life for awhile... yay?

One last thing...

Not my most flattering photo but what can you expect from a day of gardening! I was in the garage taking a break from the heat when my little buddy thought he should take a break as well. I was in his chair.


  1. The mountains! Sounds like a dream. And love the last photo. He has given up! haha

  2. summer was lovely i guess!
    and i totally loved the last photo!


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