Pyramid Lake, Jasper

I am not big into fishing. I feel bad for the poor little guys even when you throw them back but two weekends a year you don't need to buy a fishing license and David wanted to take advantage of that. Lucky for me (unlucky for him) none of the fish were biting. We could see them but they just weren't interested! 

There was a massive forest fire raging a few hours south of Jasper the day we were here and it was creating the most lovely foggy effect over the mountains. I took way too many photos!

My posting has been wonky these last few weeks and I blame it on too much work. I haven't had a proper holiday since last July and it's starting to show. Example: I usually post travel photos on Tuesdays and yet here we are on Friday! We booked a trip to Newfoundland for the end of August but had to cancel due to family logistics. We are hoping to go for Christmas instead so a holiday will need to wait a few more months. Heavy sigh......


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the fog affect as well, although fire fog always castes quiet an eerie feeling. Stay strong through work!! Can you treat yourself to a three day weekend?

    1. Oh I certainly am taking a 4 day weekend at the end of the month for some more mountain adventures! I can't make it all the way to Christmas! haha

  2. love all the foggy pictures. and i love all the names of lakes in your country! :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear that David didn't catch any fish, but I totally understand your point of view.
    These are absolutely amazing, like always here. I love the mood!

  4. Beautiful pictures, Shy! Love how you captured the fog and the mountains! (I just visited the Black Forest and found it really hard to photograph mountains ...)


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