Wedding Thoughts On: Timing

Who knew it would be so hard to coordinate a hall with the church in a random small town in Newfoundland. I honestly didn't expect it to be nearly booked up already! When we did finally settle on a date that would work for everyone our next hurdle was what time should everything be at. Here are a few points I kept in mind.


My side of the family will be hotelling. David's mother side lives in or near the town but David's father's side live roughly three hours away. We wanted to have it later in the day for people to have enough time to drive to the wedding without having to travel the day before.

The Lull 

That awkward time your guests have to spend after the ceremony but before the dinner. What do they do? Where do they go? Honestly there is not much to do in Placentia and most of our guests will be from out of town so we wanted to minimize this lull.

What you want from your day 

Did we want a relaxed, simple day? An action packed day? A ridged schedule? or a roll with the punches sort of day? For us we decided we wanted maximum time with our friends and family and minimum worries about things. The way we want to achieve this is minimum planning for less let down's when something goes wrong.

All that considered, we decided on a later ceremony at 4:30pm with drinks at 5:30pm and supper starting at 6:00pm. The hall and the church are right next to each other so it's a quick commute.

Once I thought about it, a 4:30pm ceremony had so many benefits! Being able to sleep in, relax and have a fun breakfast with my bridesmaids and family. All of my bridesmaids have children so there is plenty of time to get them sorted out. Any last minutes items can be taken care of. Of course our decision to not have a wedding photographer made it easier to to have the ceremony and reception close together.


  1. I'd be too nervous to plan my own potential wedding. D: I cross my fingers for you to plan every second just as you wish :)

    1. I haven't found it too bad yet but its tough trying to please everyone involved!


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