An Unexpected Guest

This was another stop on the 'Jarvis' tour. The stormed had rolled off and we stopped for a quick photo by the Jarvis Creek sign. As a future Jarvis I decided to get in on the sign photo when a deer photobombed me! He made a big splash in my first one which startled the bejesus out of me in the second one! Can you spot him in both my photos?


Learning From My Garden

I think I mentioned somewhere back that on the 8th of September we had a severe frost which wiped the garden out (even the stuff we had covered up!). Thanks Mother Nature. Since then we have been having sunny, hot weather so I am trying not to think about how much more growth our garden could have seen if it didn't decide to go all winter on us there for a few days.

We managed to do a big harvest prior to the frost and these are our spoils. We have been vegetable gardening for three years not and have learned so much but there is still lots to learn every season. When I first started I had three 4' square raised beds. I grew radishes that I left too long and they turned to petrified wood, broccoli that got infested by flies, and carrots that barely grew. From that failed experience I learned to read the seed packages and actually research what can be grow in my area. Seems like a no briner but I like to learn the hard way.

Here are a few things we learnt this year:
  • Plant more carrots! We are almost out of carrots already!
  • Less spaghetti squash. It just didn't taste that great sadly.
  • WAY less turnips! We are never going to eat all these turnips plus worms have gotten into the bottoms which is common in our area. The tops are still good and they grew to mutant size but there are sooooo many!
  • Try butternut squash next year.
  • Plant kale sooner. I was going by the internet (which never lies of course) and it said to plant in August but I think that was just too late for Alberta. My kale never really got going.
  • Do spinach in a planter on my deck instead of in the garden space.
  • Parsnips just didn't germinate AT ALL. Weird? Maybe old seeds?
  • Harvest the corn a bit sooner. The first week we harvested it was great but by the next week it had gone quite chewy. I should have picked it all while it was good but I ended up still freezing it to add to dishes anyway.
  • Only do two plants of each zucchini type. With the help of co-workers we managed to eat all the zucchini but too many for just us.
  • I also slacked and let the cucumbers go a bit too long. Some had turned yellow but I can still harvest their seeds for next year. 
  • Make a sunflower patch. All summer while we worked in the garden we could watch the goldfinches eat from the sunflowers. It was so nice to have them singing around you. The sunflowers also brought a ton of bees to garden to help pollinate. 
  • Try planting rosemary alone. My rosemary stayed tiny all summer. It was in a shared pot so next year I may try it alone to see if it does better.
  • Don't bother starting turnips or spinach early in the house. I wasted a few seeds on some very pathetic attempts at growing. No need to start them early, they grow like weeds once they were out in the garden!


Alberta Autumn

The smell of crops being cut smells so good. So good that I may forgive the farmer from spraying his crop in August and having it blow over onto my baby trees and the edge garden. Maybe. This last week has been an ideal autumn. Hot days and cool nights. Full of dog walking, hedge trimming, and garden tending.

If posing with your pumpkin is wrong than I don't want to be right.


In my Knitting Basket

Lately I've heard off the cuff comments alluding to how easy knitting is and I started thinking.... am I the only one who thinks knitting is actually kinda difficult?? One comment was by an aunt who said her first knitting project was a full-on sweater and she just followed the pattern and it turned out fine. I've been knitting since January and I can not even think about a sweater yet! My third attempt at a mate for my fingerless glove is still in progress (and this is after my 5 attempts at the first mediocre glove). I get the purl and the knit but I always seem to mess up somewhere along the way.

Another comment I heard was last night. I started my next instalment of pottery classes and the instructor said, "Pottery isn't just like knitting, you have to practice and really work at it." What!? Personally, I find pottery much easier than knitting! Different strokes for different folks maybe?

What is your experience with knitting? Has it required lots of practice or did you pick it up right away?


Wild Rose Country

These are a variety of roses from the botanical gardens we visited earlier this summer. Someday when we actually have a yard of our own I hope to have a huge rose garden in there. We had a bit of a snowy start to last week which brought frosts that promptly killed nearly every plant in our veggie garden. So sad. Luckily we had harvested the majority of of the above ground vegetables. The root veggies are fine for awhile still thankfully as I have no room left for them! 

As happy as I am to see the hot, humid weather behind me, I am certainly not ready for snow! Is there  somewhere out there that hovers at 15-20C all year long? If there is, I am moving! 


Jarvis Lake, Alberta

Last time we went to Jasper we saw Jarvis Lake on a map. We didn't get to it then but we made time for it this trip as it happens to be David's last name. He wanted to do the "Jarvis" tour! 

I can't get over the reflections that were happening this day. Numerous little storms were passing through with thunder, lightening, and isolated showers and yet the lake was so calm. The reflections had so much details in them it felt like you were surrounded by sky.


Wedding Thought On: Photography



Oh, Photography.... What am I going to do with you! In all honestly this has been the hardest thing to come to an agreement on in my own head. I have looked at every single photographer in Newfoundland. Let me tell you, there are some amazing ones!! .... Amazing ones that quite simply we can't afford. The cheapest photographer whose style aligns with mine that I can find is $1258 for 4 hours...

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