In my Knitting Basket

Lately I've heard off the cuff comments alluding to how easy knitting is and I started thinking.... am I the only one who thinks knitting is actually kinda difficult?? One comment was by an aunt who said her first knitting project was a full-on sweater and she just followed the pattern and it turned out fine. I've been knitting since January and I can not even think about a sweater yet! My third attempt at a mate for my fingerless glove is still in progress (and this is after my 5 attempts at the first mediocre glove). I get the purl and the knit but I always seem to mess up somewhere along the way.

Another comment I heard was last night. I started my next instalment of pottery classes and the instructor said, "Pottery isn't just like knitting, you have to practice and really work at it." What!? Personally, I find pottery much easier than knitting! Different strokes for different folks maybe?

What is your experience with knitting? Has it required lots of practice or did you pick it up right away?


  1. Wow, but you knit very beautiful! I must say that I don't think that knitting is easy. I started with very simple things and lately I made a circle scarf with some easy patterns in it. The next step for me would be a sweater, but I haven't found the one I really would like to make.

  2. I'm a total loser at knitting, you seem to be very talented - I think its amazing that you practice these things.

  3. I think you've gone very far! I totally could not get knitting at all, even though I tried it way earlier than I did crochet. I think crochet is so much easier to understand! :)

  4. love all of these! looks so cozy and the colours are great!


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