Happy Halloween

Typically being stuck in a costume for a full 9 hours at work isn't my idea of a fun day. As a kid I stuck to a few favourite costumes that I wore every year. An old lady, Velma from Scooby Doo, and Pippi Longstocking and since Halloween ended up being on a Friday this year (I only work until 11:30am on Fridays), I thought I would pull that last one out of hiding. Hope everyone has a great week and a happy halloween!


Animal Outakes

When you road trip with friends who aren't as excited about snapping photos as you (and you get stuck in the middle seat of the car!) you tend to grab what photo you can when you pass wildlife. Not ideal for composition or even for general public viewing, really! Either way leads to creating a bit of a wildlife outtakes folder on my computer. Random shots out the car window while travelling at various speeds. I am like the animal paparazzi. 


Athabasca Falls, Alberta

Athabasca Falls was heaving when we stopped in for a stretch. There were people everyone. I guess it is a good spot for a little walk when your on a long road trip. I really loved the colour of the water after it runs through the small crevices.

It started snowing here on Sunday and I hope it disappears. I am not ready for it yet but it did inspire my first try at a slipper. It turned out ok too! Lets see if I can stay focused long enough to knit a mate for it! What do you do on cold, snowy days?


All Tuckered Out

Anyone else work in an office staring at the computer all day? It is the opposite from physical work yet it is so tiresome to use your brain so much in one day. Sometimes even a walk feels like too much for me to muster up but of course I always feel better after a stroll in the sunshine. Since it's been a busy few months at work for me convincing myself to get this space updated has become a bit of a challenge! I'm not going anywhere but I may need to slow down a tad bit until this big project is over. I think my eyes will physically not let me look a computer screen any more than necessary! In the meantime here are some photos from some of the aforementioned walks...

And quite possibly the saddest photo I have ever taken.


On Cats

I wouldn't call myself a cat person. Although, as a child I would always say my favourite animal was cats because everyone else said theirs was dogs and I felt cats didn't get as much representation in the childhood-favourite-animals poll as they deserved. In truth, I am an every animal kind of person. I had so many pets as a kid. Everything from the usual dogs and cats to the lesser kept scorpions and turtles. A parrot, goats, pigs, pigeons, doves, chickens, turkeys, hamsters, and straight up mice round out some of my animal friends. My personal favourite was a goose named Al Bundy who was best friends with a pot-bellied pig named Tulip. I still think their utter devotion to each other should be a Disney movie. 

Now-a-days I live in a small apartment so I have no pets. I still consider the animals at my mom's to be my "pets" though but there are only a pack of cats and their two dogs that live their now. I say "their two dogs" because the cats are fully in charge of the joint. I am always fascinated with an animal's "story". Many of them lead more interesting lives than most people in my mind or maybe I just spent too much time hanging out with animals as a kid!

Bebe: The sweetest cat locked in a tiny kitten's body. 

Mom: I did a whole post on her story here.
Ted: Contrary to the name she is Queen of the Jungle 'round here.
Ninny: A hyena of a dog.
Cat-Tail: A bit of a glutton. Her and Ted cannot stand each other.
And Ted again because those eyes.
And yes, all the cats are clearly related... I would have to draw a family tree to illustrate it. Something about the thought of creating a cat family tree made me go have a talk with myself about crossing some mental boundaries into becoming a crazy cat lady.


Moraine Lake, Alberta

I am carrying on with my unintended Alberta Lakes theme that I seem to be doing these last few months. Moraine Lake has the most stunning water. It almost doesn't seem real. When we hit Moraine it was nearing the end of adventures for that day. We had been canoeing on Lake Louise so the short stroll around the lake was a welcoming end to our day before we went to Banff for supper. David managed to get another Grey Jay to land on him. Birds never want to land on my hand! He didn't even have any crumbs to bribe it with. Just literally held out his hand. Annoying. 

I have a feeling October is going to breeze by. Between pottery classes, marriage prep classes, and working overtime to finish some intense projects I am spent by the end of the week! Perhaps this will make winter fly by, which is always good in my book as an Alberta winter tends to drag on forever...and ever.

Don't mind my hair. It always manages to work itself into a mess.


Columbia Icefields, Alberta

As I have lived in Alberta for my entire life I am a bit late to the party that is the Columbia Icefield, which feeds eight separate glaciers. It was my first drive down from Jasper to Banff and on our way stopped to walk up to the Athabasca glacier. It was insanely bright. Big blue sky mixed with snow and ancient ice leads to a lot of squinting. The breeze that came down off the glacier was significantly chilled but it made for a nice break an unexpectedly hot day. Along the walk there are markers set as to where the edge of ice was at certain years. Its quite dramatic to see just how far and fast it has been receding. I also quite enjoyed looking at the rocks we were walking on and seeing the lines etched into them from said receding ice. You can also tell where the ice had been up the sides of the mountains. The hard rock has been simply ground to gravel and left piled up on the sides. It was simply amazing to see how drastically melting ice can change a landscape!

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