On Cats

I wouldn't call myself a cat person. Although, as a child I would always say my favourite animal was cats because everyone else said theirs was dogs and I felt cats didn't get as much representation in the childhood-favourite-animals poll as they deserved. In truth, I am an every animal kind of person. I had so many pets as a kid. Everything from the usual dogs and cats to the lesser kept scorpions and turtles. A parrot, goats, pigs, pigeons, doves, chickens, turkeys, hamsters, and straight up mice round out some of my animal friends. My personal favourite was a goose named Al Bundy who was best friends with a pot-bellied pig named Tulip. I still think their utter devotion to each other should be a Disney movie. 

Now-a-days I live in a small apartment so I have no pets. I still consider the animals at my mom's to be my "pets" though but there are only a pack of cats and their two dogs that live their now. I say "their two dogs" because the cats are fully in charge of the joint. I am always fascinated with an animal's "story". Many of them lead more interesting lives than most people in my mind or maybe I just spent too much time hanging out with animals as a kid!

Bebe: The sweetest cat locked in a tiny kitten's body. 

Mom: I did a whole post on her story here.
Ted: Contrary to the name she is Queen of the Jungle 'round here.
Ninny: A hyena of a dog.
Cat-Tail: A bit of a glutton. Her and Ted cannot stand each other.
And Ted again because those eyes.
And yes, all the cats are clearly related... I would have to draw a family tree to illustrate it. Something about the thought of creating a cat family tree made me go have a talk with myself about crossing some mental boundaries into becoming a crazy cat lady.


  1. I am also "an every animal kind of person"! ♥
    Oh my, Nanny is huge and lovely!

    1. I know. She is out of control! A downside to being a trustworthy dog who never strays far from home is that she is loose all the time. Which means she helps herself to mice like they are popcorn! Any animal that has been left over from a coyote feast she sniffs out and takes care of. We try to not feed her much if we know she's been snacking all day but Nin is an independent dog, who knows what she's been up to!

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  3. I am in awe of how fat Ninny is!! I honestly have a hard time believing that someone doesn't feed her cupcakes all day hahaha
    We keep talking about getting a cat, but only if it acts more like a dog. But our dog acts more like an indoor cat...so that could really confuse things.

  4. oh my, I love these pictures, especially the last one.

  5. I love this post!! I'm a cat lady.

  6. So cute and beautiful photos!
    I must say that I consider pets as different beings then wild animals. And I am more a cat person....

  7. wow, you've captured some amazing shots here!

  8. Your photos are incredible! Cats are such gorgeous animals <3 They're fascinating. xx

  9. Cats are really photogenic. I can't stop smiling at that last photo <3

  10. Love all the cat photos :) And I couldn't agree more with what you said about cats' stories. I love knowing the lives behind the feline!


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