Athabasca Falls, Alberta

Athabasca Falls was heaving when we stopped in for a stretch. There were people everyone. I guess it is a good spot for a little walk when your on a long road trip. I really loved the colour of the water after it runs through the small crevices.

It started snowing here on Sunday and I hope it disappears. I am not ready for it yet but it did inspire my first try at a slipper. It turned out ok too! Lets see if I can stay focused long enough to knit a mate for it! What do you do on cold, snowy days?


  1. I really hope this place is real

  2. Beautiful photos! I've always wanted to see Athabasca but whenever I'm near the area I always find myself having to pass it over. Hopefully next trip out West :)

  3. WOW breath taking photos!
    nature is so powerful..

  4. This place is amazing! And in your pictures one can see the power of it...


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