Wedding Thoughts on: The Dress

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I have mentioned before that I am planning on making my dress. Am I crazy? Probably. Am I cheap? Definitely. Of course I joke that cheapness was my main reason for dress making but there are actually many reasons I choose to go this route.

- I wanted an experience of creating something I was really proud of.
- I am picky with my dress specs. I did go to a few shops and asked of they had 3/4 length sleeves with tea length. Every one I went to said no so that saved some time.
- The experience of squeezing into too small dresses or being harnessed up into too large dresses just didn't appeal to me.
- I just like to sew and create!

I wanted something unique, something I loved, and something very specific. After I recovered from falling down a rabbit hole of Edwardian wedding dresses, I found two that I wanted to base my dress on. Luckily after a few searches online I found a Butterick Pattern that would fit the bill on sale for $2.99!

The simplicity of the Ms. Pomeranz dress is what really drew me to it first. I like the longer sleeves and the shape. For awhile I planned on just making a replica of this (in white) but some part of my brain was convinced I should have lace despite not really loving any lace out there. Then I found dress number 2... While the long length of the dress and see through sleeves weren't for me, that lace was amazing. Can you call it lace? I don't even know what to call it but I love it.

With my dress idea nailed down my mom and I went to go get the material. I was dead against satin because I usually think of it as too shiny and too hot but finding a fancy-feeling plain white fabric was proving to be difficult. Everything was kind of blah. When I found myself draping fabric around me in the tablecloth section I took it as a sign and reluctantly headed over to the satin section. Amazingly, there is such thing as a medium weight, non-shiny satin! It was getting close to rush-hour so I took the fabric and ran.

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There was nothing that suited my lace needs (not even in the curtain section). So I went back to a store I had previously seen something similar in only to find it on the sale rack for 60% off! It's not exactly the same as the square lace but I think putting the "stripes" on the vertical will make me seem longer anyway. Which is my biggest goal in life.

Now I have no excuse to not get started on it. Can we all collectively hope I don't mess it up?!

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Cost breakdown:
-Satin - $78.70
-Lace -  $49.50
-Interfacing - $15.00
-Notions - haven't bought them yet but I only need a zipper and horsehair braiding for the hem.

Side note: I also found that adorable book at the thrift store for $0.50. It looks really dated but it actually has some good info about styles for every body shape and fabrics by season. Ok... I bought it because it was cute!


  1. wow! i can't wait to see how your dress turn out. I am sure it will be lovely!

  2. Oh my goodness....I can not wait to see how it turns out! I wish I had more time in my engagement to make my own wedding dress, so I'll live vicariously through you!

  3. thank you very much!
    I wish you the very best on your dress, I am sure it will turn out wonderful and I also hope we will get the chance to see it :)

  4. I can only imagine how beautiful this will turn out. I'm by no means good at sewing but have sewn my own clothes in the past and the feeling of wearing your own creation is awesome :)

  5. As someone who's considering doing this myself, I can't wait to hear your progress on making the perfect and unique wedding dress!

  6. I wish I have the skills to make my own wedding dress. I can't wait to see how yours turn out, Nancy! <3


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