Knit Slippers

I haven't shared any photos of what I have been knitting lately. I hit up the thrift store for some new yarn a few weeks ago and found a really great haul for $10! Since it's getting all cold and cozy around here I thought I would try my hand at some slippers. These ones turned out to be super easy but since I was using my usual free-style method the toe is a bit strange. I think I could have just made a smaller slipper altogether and it would have removed some of the toe bulk. Oh well. It was my first try! If you want to try just use regular straight needles and use knit stitches until you have a large enough piece to go from one side of your ankle, under your foot, and onto up to the other side of your ankle. You will sew the back of the heel together. After your have a long enough piece to allow your foot to go into the slipper just transfer your stitches to some DPN's and continue knitting in the round, eventually tapering to your toes. I know these aren't the usual knitting pattern instructions but I am a professional at winging it! Also if you don't knit and just want to buy some I got the inspiration from The New Domestic.

I've been making some cute twist style headbands as well in the bottom yarn colour for Christmas presents. Personally, I love to give handmade presents out... I'm not sure anyone wants them but they get them anyway! Mwahaha...


  1. Aww these look great, I think I might have to make some! Im knitting socks atm :)

  2. pretty... i would love to have those purple socks.


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