A Hard Working Squirrel

There is a little squirrel who teases the dogs all summer long at the house. Before the snow fell I caught him anxiously collecting all the apples that had fallen off the crap-apple tree that is always overloaded every autumn. He was a brave soul to be scurrying across the ground with four resident cats hanging around. Deperate Albertan winters call for desperate squirrel measure I guess. I paid no attention to where he was storing these until this weekend. I saw him flying down the tree into the back of the doghouse only to return back into the tree with an apple. He munched on the apple for a bit and then found a good fork in a tree branch where he brushed off the snow and wedged the apple in so it wouldn't fall. Then he went back down and grabbed another. He did this over and over again until most tree nooks in his vicinity had an apple crammed in them. 

Sometimes I witter on too much about animals but I always find their survival instincts so interesting!  I watched him go about his routine for far too long and when he disappeared I went to investigate. I found his little apple stash in the rafters of the dog house. I then felt a little bit of snow falling on me and looked up to him staring back at me. I think he was hinting that I should leave his winter food alone!

Photos were taken from my iPhone so they aren't the best!


  1. awww such sweet post! smart squirrel!

  2. Aw, what an awesome, brave & super smart squirrel! <3 I find them to be such cool little animals - growing up we had one that would visit us all the time, really socialized and loved being around people! xo

  3. I'm impressed, that's quite a stock of food he's got for the winter! The little guy would be an interesting story on Hoarders: Buried Alive. Except I guess he's much more likely to bury his food than bury himself in his food.



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