The Tipi

The tipi brings me back to my childhood. My closest cousins are half Blackfoot and every summer I spent down with them involved a lot of sleep-overs in their tipi. This particular one has no relation to me but was set up at the botanical gardens to showcase the native species of plants that were found along side these special structures throughout northern North America. I especially like the plane that got caught in one of my photos. I am sure there is some sort of symbolism in there but I don't have the wordsmithing skills to get that out here!


  1. Wow, it looks so neat, and beautiful. I am fascinated by native american history and ways of life, so I would have loved this for sure.


  2. how cool! that tipi looks magestic!

  3. That is so cool about your cousins! And That tipi looks wonderful!

  4. I like the tipi and plane picture too. In a way it reminds me of something lost, but in the more optimistic side of me hopes it's a sign for the future- one that includes the ability to bridge the modern with the ancient, and all that falls within.

    1. Well put. I am glad I didn't try to say that! It would have ended up a mess! haha

  5. Oh gosh, your photography always wow's me! I love this post, and that is so cool that you grew up with sleepovers in tipis. I can only imagine how beautiful the night sky looks through the opening at the top.

  6. Wow, so green and lush! The tipi indeed looks awesome. I would love to spend a night in a tipi.


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