Wedding Thoughts: Theme/Feel


Pinterest is pretty overwhelming when you look at all these beautiful weddings with so many elements you want to recreate. Deciding to give our wedding a theme and a feel, if that makes sense, really helped to narrow down what we actually want our day to look like.

Our theme is simplicity and our feel is nature. Having that theme and feel to fall back on helps me decide what I really want and what is actually doable. Anything we decide on needs to fit those two words. Is it nature-y? Is it simple?

Simplicity is the name of our game since we are far away. We are heading over to Newfoundland maybe a week or a week and a half before the wedding but are limited as to what we can bring with us. We don't want to break the bank once we are there either trying to gather up decor.

A little tip I would give for hitting up Pinterest as your planning source is to pick only one photo of each element you want. Say you find a cake you like but then find another cake that is even better! Delete that first cake. This just helps keep thing from being overwhelming and it seems much less daunting to recreate a single cake rather than bits and pieces from four or five cakes.  Before I started this I looked into my wedding page and it was like "Well nuts...what did I even want!?" I also found that pinning different styles I liked really made for a mish mash of my ideas. Narrowing down to just one pin of each element helps make sure things will stay cohesive.

I've actually been quite enjoying planning our wedding from so far away. As I shop around for ideas and items I have started to see how people can fall into "collecting" things for their wedding. Sometimes even forgetting what they have already collected! I can't really buy anything unless it is absolutely necessary and I have to say my budget is extremely happy about this!


  1. So excited to see how your day turns out! It will be beautiful and it will be you :) Best of luck in all the planning!

  2. Absolutely loving the theme & vibe of your wedding. It's going to beautiful. Yay, can't wait to see!! :D


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