It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Phew, the last few months have been so busy! Last week I wrapped up some loose ends and finally had a week of no commitments. It was wonderful. I am excited to get the Christmas season going in full swing now. We have our annual work potluck and gift exchange this Thursday and there is nothing more I love than food so I am looking forward to it! I also hope to finish up the last bits and bobs of my Christmas shopping on Friday. Then I plan to sit back and relax until the new year. 

I put up a few Christmas decorations. We don't really have that many and what we do have is all second hand but our apartment is so small that the thought of even more clutter to store makes me want to cry so simple it is! If Davis had his way we would be swimming through a sea of tinsel everyday. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. wonderful! I love the christmas spirit. :)

  2. A big yay, for Xmas spirit and putting up decorations. We've been doing the same this week, and I can't wait for things to start kicking off. So many annual events to look forward to. Whoot, whoot!! xo

  3. Looks lovely and uncluttered! Though a sea of tinsel does sound kinda awesome!

  4. i know what you mean by a busy few weeks! it's finally quieting down a little over here and i made sure to take the time and decorate for christmas! i hate decorating too late because then the holidays seem to come and go too fast. xo

  5. adorable photos!:) Best wishes from Russia:)



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