Four Things I Accomplished in 2014

At the beginning of the year I set four things that I wanted to accomplish this year. Instead of the usual not so fun resolutions I choose some things I had wanted to try from a creative standpoint. Here is how I did:

Try NÃ¥lebinding. 

After searching for tutorials on youtube (after many, many tries) I managed to make the ear wrap pictured above. I then feel really deep into a knitting rabbit hole and haven't resurfaced since. I may have moved on from nalbinding but I certainly gained a whole new hobby this year so I would call this one a success!

Take a Pottery Class.

Not only did I take a pottery class... I took two! This was such a great break from the work week. I too it on Wednesday night for 3 hours so just as the week stress was amping up I was able to get some pent up creative energy out. Taking a class also really forces you to get out and stick to it. I really would love to take another one in 2015 but we are saving our pennies for the wedding so perhaps next fall I will take another.

Create More Movies.

This one is kind of successful. We only were able to squeeze in two trips this year and I take plenty of video footage to make a a little 1-2 min movie out of each trip. I haven't decided to post them here though because they are so shaky...SO shaky!! The actual content is quite nice but I am just not impressed with my camera handling. Hmmm.... Should I post them?

Make Some REAL Decisions.

This one was about whether or not we will move across the country. We've kinda made a decision. If David can get a teaching job there we will move but it doesn't make sense for him to give up his job here and me to give up mine to move somewhere where there aren't a ton of jobs. At least not yet. Was this one accomplished? I say yes. I am waaaay more comfortable/excited about someday moving than I was a year ago!

I am in the process on deciding on what to try to accomplish for next year but come January I will definitely have a few more goals for myself. Happy New Year!


  1. I am so happy for you that you accomplished your last year resolutions and can look back at a year full of success :) and yes yes yes, I think you should post the little movies you made - even if they really are as shaky as you say, who cares? I am sure you put so much efforrt and love into them that this won't matter. I'm looking forward to your next year resolutions :)

  2. You've accomplished so much! And I would love to see your films. I made a few this year and my husband finally showed me this nifty trick that stabilizes the video clips with his fancy software. Made a huge difference!

  3. Good for you, Shy! Have a wonderful 2015!

  4. Oooh exciting possible plans! Happy 2015!


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