Looking Out At The North Atlantic

Hello again! I am happy to say our flights went generally well this time around! They lost our luggage on the way down but thankfully Gander has a very small airport and we were able to call the next day and have someone literally take a walk around and find our suitcase. The advantages of a small town! 

Despite the wind whipping off the North Atlantic, we got out for quite a few chilly walks and I managed to get a ton of photos. This set was from an afternoon dog walk behind the house. Get ready for a lot of rosy cheeks from Newfoundland.


  1. I love to be at the coast in winter! These are some beautiful winter pictures!

  2. Love it!!♥ The lost luggage sounds really annoying :D

  3. These are so beautiful! I miss Atlantic Canada like crazy so your photos made me feel very at home.

  4. These are fantastic and I really cannot wait to see more! What a dream!

  5. Your images are stunning- it looks so beautiful! Can't wait to see more!



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