Jetting Off

We are off for a quick little trip to Newfoundland this week. I am trying to be a light packer this time around. I always over-pack and there is no need for me to bring my whole closet half way across the world for a week, only wear a handful of things, and bring it back. So only a couple warm layers and that's it!

I know this past holiday season is a good time to re-charge and relax but it goes by so fast here that it always just feels like a blur. Something about island life makes you slow down though. No errands to run, no stores to shop in, no crowds to fight. I don't even get reception anywhere on the island! I can't wait! Not to mention the food. Ultimate home-made comfort food like cod au gratin and (my personal favourite) pease puddin'. Sometimes I just boil up a bag of peas for my supper. No shame.

I am just hoping (no...praying!!) that our flights go as planned. For some reason we can never catch a break with flights. No matter what time of year it is we are always delayed. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for 8 hours, sometimes for days! Our record so far has been an 8 hour flight that turned into 5 days and 6 cities. Our bad luck is starting to give me plane travel anxiety so, fingers crossed, everything will just go on time!! Is that too much to ask!!


  1. Have a great trip and good luck on your flights! I've never been to Newfoundland but know many Newfies having spent 4 years in New Brunswick. It's definitely on the bucket list.

  2. I had to go and look at google maps and just then I realised how far Alberta and Newfoundland are! Europeans are used to think in such a small scale... Anyhow, it sounds like an awesome way to spend a holiday; island life is romantic and very fascinating.
    I hope your flights go to plan and every plane will be on time! Have a great time in Newfoundland and come back with loads of beautiful photos!

    1. I know! Sometimes I think where an hour flight will get you in Europe and its amazing! An hour flight barely gets you out of Alberta haha

  3. Have an amazing time! Sound like it will be awesome, especially the island food, perfect!


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