Smith's Look-Out

For some wild reason we decided to go on a near night walk up to Smith's Lookout in Twillingate. Even if it was blizzard-y and foggy the views of the ocean and town below were worth it. The houses and buildings in town almost blend into the rocky landscape and it's hard to tell what your looking at. I have another set from this night as it got darker. I love the blues that come through. 


  1. Im gaping at my screen. This is pure beauty. Oh i envy you your amazing talent for photography♥

  2. So stunning!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Follow me and let me know and I will follow you back sweetheart! ❤ Waiting for your reply.
    Love always,

  3. ouh, the blue colours are totally amazing ♥

  4. I can only imagine the cold and the wind, but I am so glad you've decided to go on that walk! These are just a dream! ❤

  5. gosh, I wish I could live where you live!


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