A Knitted Set and Deconstructing

I just can't seem to get everything done on time this month! Thankfully it's over this weekend! I can't wait for spring to come. It usually doesn't hit here until end of April but the days are longer and it's so close I can feel it! 

I haven't got any knitting projects up in awhile despite feeling like I've been knitting up a storm. When I went to take some photos of them I realized that as much as my needles have been knitting I've been keeping up with it by deconstructing. One of the wonderful things about knitting is that it can be easily taken apart and made into something else. Whether I've made something the wrong size or just decided I didn't like the end result I can just unravel it and start again!


Snowy Seascapes

Wow! What a hectic week! Is it just me or is the year flying by already! I was forced to take a blog-break last week due to lots of over time at the day job. Pesky work... always getting in the way of more fun things. Usually the beginning of the year isn't very hectic for us but this year is an exception. There have also been a lot of birthdays and family visiting that has cropped up and on top of that I've been trying to find a spare moment to work on sewing the ol' wedding dress. It has not been easy to find one of those precious spare moments though. I am reserving Friday afternoon for another sew session. My phone is being turned off and Sherlock will be switched on! 

These photos are the kind that look bright and sunny and warm but are massively deceiving. I think in the last picture you can tell the wind was really whipping!


Wedding Thoughts On: Invitations

When I first sat down to make our invitations I went all out. I had cards for everything. Where to stay, what to do in town, RSVP's, maps, everything and the kitchen sink. After I had it all done I realized it was far too busy and I hated it (story of my creative life). There were probably only 10 people who would benefit from the maps and info cards while everyone else would already know this information from living there. I put all that extra information on one of those fancy-shmancy "The Knot" wedding sites and provided the website on the bottom of our invite. The invitation was overhauled to one double sided card and one simple RSVP card (not pictured, not really that exciting).

My bouquet will be a bunch of lavender so when I saw this free printable I thought it would be perfect for one side of our invite which were printed as postcards at Moo. I had the lofty idea to buy a bunch of kraft paper envelopes but ended up getting some boring, plain envelopes from staples. In the end people will just be throwing it away anyway!

I also got a self-inking stamp with our address on it which made our return addressing and RSVP envelopes go by so fast.

In the end I really love how our simple invites turned out. We've gotten a few comments on how we each have a million names but hey, at least it keeps the invite balanced!


Smith's Look-Out P.2

These are the darker set of out Smith's Look-Out evening walk. David and his nephew wanted me to get a photos of them "jumping off a cliff". It didn't really work. I tried to get in on the action (and not just to stay warm) but my super-scarf ate my head. 

Cold Face... (made smaller as full size of my face was a bit much!)


Artful Blogging Feature

Holy Monkies! I was featured in Artful Blogging Magazine! I may need to take a moment to soak that in.... A. Real. Magazine. 

Artful Blogging Magazine emailed me in October about being in their spring issue and at first I had a moment of, "This is one of those scam emails, right?". You know the ones where a poor money-managing Prince in Africa wants to give you a ba-zillion dollars? Well after a bit of suspicion I realized this is the actual Artful Blogging magazine sending me an email and they do actually want to publish your photos. No side-eye required. So I hit reply...

Admittedly, I am not a big reader (unless you count blogs and audiobooks). I had seen Artful Blogging here and there but hadn't had a copy for myself so while I was sure I could provide photos I was less than sure about what kind of an article I would write.

Me? Writing an article?

My entire schooling career included writing that always ended with, "...and then she woke up and it was all a dream." Writing is not my strong suit as I'm sure you've all gathered from reading this blog! I managed to draw on my experience as a blogger and create a little anecdote which I hope people will enjoy reading.

When I received a copy I was blown away with how much content there is! The photos and articles are really beautiful. To see my name listed with Joy the Baker, Maddie Flanigan, and Kat Goldin (among so many others). I mean, it's pretty wild! I'm still kinda speechless.

 If anyone does want to check it out you can get it here.


Back Harbour, NL

It was a bit of a brighter day than the last post! We went for coffee at Crow Head and stopped for a few pictures looking out at Back Harbour. I think my favourite one has to be the below photo. Like the waves were frozen in time. 

I'm not much into football but I watched/knitted during it yesterday. Go Pats? Hawks? Whatever. David has his superbowl snacks that he has had every year since he was 10 or so (He really grasps onto those traditions). Billy Bee Honey Roasted Peanuts and pickles, cheese, and cocktail winnies on a toothpick. The latter is the kind of guilty pleasure that tastes good as your eating it and then fills you with regret afterwards. Then we say "never again!" and the next year rolls around and we repeat the cycle! 

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