A Knitted Set and Deconstructing

I just can't seem to get everything done on time this month! Thankfully it's over this weekend! I can't wait for spring to come. It usually doesn't hit here until end of April but the days are longer and it's so close I can feel it! 

I haven't got any knitting projects up in awhile despite feeling like I've been knitting up a storm. When I went to take some photos of them I realized that as much as my needles have been knitting I've been keeping up with it by deconstructing. One of the wonderful things about knitting is that it can be easily taken apart and made into something else. Whether I've made something the wrong size or just decided I didn't like the end result I can just unravel it and start again!

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  1. i always wanted to learn knitting but then after making so many things i really can't wear it! :(


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