Wedding Thoughts On: Invitations

When I first sat down to make our invitations I went all out. I had cards for everything. Where to stay, what to do in town, RSVP's, maps, everything and the kitchen sink. After I had it all done I realized it was far too busy and I hated it (story of my creative life). There were probably only 10 people who would benefit from the maps and info cards while everyone else would already know this information from living there. I put all that extra information on one of those fancy-shmancy "The Knot" wedding sites and provided the website on the bottom of our invite. The invitation was overhauled to one double sided card and one simple RSVP card (not pictured, not really that exciting).

My bouquet will be a bunch of lavender so when I saw this free printable I thought it would be perfect for one side of our invite which were printed as postcards at Moo. I had the lofty idea to buy a bunch of kraft paper envelopes but ended up getting some boring, plain envelopes from staples. In the end people will just be throwing it away anyway!

I also got a self-inking stamp with our address on it which made our return addressing and RSVP envelopes go by so fast.

In the end I really love how our simple invites turned out. We've gotten a few comments on how we each have a million names but hey, at least it keeps the invite balanced!


  1. These are beautiful! I love how clean and simple they look.

  2. Wow, I love this design...it is absolutely beautiful!

  3. i feel so envious that you are taking charge of all the little things for your wedding. Choosing everything thoughtfully. :)


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