Pi(e) Day!

I'm not one to really get into "holidays" like Pi Day but I do love pie and work with math day in and day out so I guess that means I love Pi Day by default. I had some free time yesterday after work and a bag of rhubarb still in the freezer from last year. It was kinda begging me to make it into a pie. I walked to the store for some strawberries and decided to try my hand at making a crust from scratch. Despite priding myself on my baking skillz, I've never made a from scratch pie crust. It's not the most beautiful pie but it sure is tasty!

My most used recipe site (especially for sweets) is Rock Recipes. This is the one I used for my pie but made a top crust instead of a crumble. I have a whole jar of filling left over as well so my daily yogurt breakfast just got a whole lot yummier!


  1. Yummm. I think rhubarb pie is my favorite! This looks so good. A pie place near my apartment was giving away free pie today but I didn't feel like standing in line. Ugh, I'm so lazy, I can't even stand in line for FREE pie, haha. Happy Pi Day!

  2. This looks amazing!


  3. Ok, you're making me crave berries and sweet things and especially pie now! This was a wonderful post. And I didn't even celebrate Pi Day. DARN IT


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