Pottery Work

For most of my first one and a half sessions of pottery I made pretty small/short things on the wheel. Something clicked in my last few sessions and I felt like I could bring up my clay higher and higher without worry that it would collapse. It felt much more natural and less of a fight. Hopefully I don't forget everything for the fall classes! I spent my last session playing more with the glazes as well at the ways to finish the bottom of the pottery.

 I didn't love the difference in the colours that came out in this pot. They were just off enough that it looks a bit mis-matched. My lid also doesn't fit great due how lop-sided it came out. Not some of my best work. Certainly one that will probably be tucked into the back of a cupboard!

 In my first session I hated how the brown/gold turned out. It hardly had any gold on it despite what the glaze samples showed and was very flat and boring. For this bowl I dipped it once, scraped the outside with a ton of tiny vertical lines around it, and dipped it in the glaze again. I loved the outcome!! There turned out to be a mix of browns going horizontally and so much gold speckles! This is my favourite creation so far!

While finding my love for the brown/gold glaze I decided to mix it up with a light flat green. Even though my glaze dripped and smeared I still really like the colour combo so next class with certainly have more experiments with these two colours.


  1. These are beautiful. So much character!

  2. Wow I love it all! I've always wanted to take pottery classes- good for you!


  3. Wow, these are gorgeous...great work!



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