Wedding Thought On: Decor

Since we will be seeing our reception space less than a week before the wedding, we decided to keep the decor pretty light. I'm not a big fan of buying a bunch of stuff only to be used once and discarded and who really remembers the decor anyway? Luckily our "theme" is nature and nature tends to match itself pretty easily so it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to scrounge up some items from the great outdoors to decorate with. Here's my ideas for cost-conscious and recyclable wedding decor:

Wood Slices // Wild Flowers // Mason Jars 


-Wood slices
-Mason jars ( I know... cue everyone's eyes rolling)
-Flameless Candles

David's sisters house runs mostly on a wood fire furnace so these wooden slivers will be heading back to the wood pile after the wedding to be turned into heat for the winter.

There are plenty of wildflowers and endless foliage that grow near our reception area not to mention some gorgeous rose bushes. We are planning to collect some bits and bobs to put in our "vases". I hope this happens but in reality it is going to be a busy week leading up to it so if things get tight on time we will just pop down to the grocery store for a couple bouquets to take apart and put on the tables. Either way everything will be compostable.

Mason jars. There I said it. It's almost like a swear word now. I know they are grossly overused and if we were having the wedding near our home I would probably find an alternative but since we can't really bring anything we opted for the jars. A pack of 12 is $10 and will be given to a certain someone who makes delicious jams in the autumn so they really are the most economical (and useful) vases around.

I bought these flameless candles on amazon. I will definitely be able to re-use them and they come in a small enough box that they can easily fit in my luggage.

Rock Display // Rocks ripe for the borrowing on the beach



We will need a bit of signage for the guestbook, card basket, favours, etc and when I saw this on pinterest I knew it would be perfect. A huge rocky beach is only a stones throw away (see what I did there?) and the best part is that after borrowing a few rocks for the tables they can be put right back into place! Hey, they are free and nature wont miss them for one night!

Floral Backdrop // My photo from a random side of the road.. nature is practically begging me to pick it

Other Decor

I'm not sure what our lighting situation is like at the hall yet so I can't decide if we need to buy some string lights or something to make it a bit more intimate than fluorescents. I don't even know if we are able to hang them anywhere! I've only seen photos of the inside of the hall and it is adorned with paintings on nearly every inch of wall space (which I love) so it might not even be an option. David would like to make the above photo with twinkle lights and fabric for behind our table. He must have been feeling extra artistic yesterday when he saw that photo. I'm all for it if we have time and if the hall space has some way to make it hangable but those ideas wont be able to be made until we get there. David also has been obsessed with the trees that Will and Kate had in their wedding for our reception. Obviously not at that scale but he wanted to buy a couple small ones from the greenhouse and then be able to plant them in honor of his father after the wedding so that may be a possibility in the decor as well. I guess we will have to wait and see what we can manage to whip up in a week!


  1. I really love the idea of a nature theme. The signage idea looks fantastic!

  2. i think you've been very smart and economical with your decoration choices! one fun thing we incorporated into our decor/centerpieces were deer antlers. we bought them in bulk online from a farmer and after the wedding, we had 25 lbs of deer antlers left over. we used them to decorate our house, but we did not need all of them. a year later, we had an anniversary party, and the antlers became our favor! i put every single one out in the house somewhere and told people to take what they wanted! i like to imagine that everyones coffee table looks like ours now :)

  3. Love these decoration choices! I had similar decor for my wedding...mason jars, wood slices, wildflowers, etc. Naturally beautiful items are always so pretty!


  4. Fantastic decor ideas! We used some similar ones at our wedding two weeks ago :) Best of luck putting it all together before the wedding!


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