Wedding Thoughts On: Wedding Bands

As it gets closer to the summer I keep listing off all the things we still need to get in order for the wedding. My mom fell victim to this listing a few weeks ago and wedding bands were mentioned among the things we still need to get. She asked if David still had his fathers (he passed away a few years ago) and suggested he may want to wear that. He did indeed have it and when I floated the idea of him wearing the ring he really liked the thought of having a piece of his father with him all the time. Why didn't we think of that! The next weekend my mom had found her wedding band (my father has also passed away many years ago) and gave it to me to wear if I wanted. I actually had this one picked out but decided that I also wanted to wear hers. On a completely superficial note, oddly enough, they both completely match! They also both fit us perfectly with no re-sizing required. It was obviously meant to be.

I started thinking of the symbolism that went into it as well and how surprisingly the thought of hand-me-down rings hadn't occurred to either of us. These were the rings that kicked off the relationships that eventually lead to us and the idea of carrying on those commitments got all those pesky, sentimental feels brought up! So come July these little guys will be free from their jewellery box prison to carry on showing the commitment between two people.


  1. that's such a beautiful story!! My husband's family wanted me to have one of his grandmother's rings, but it was way too tiny - like only fitting on my pinky. No luck with that. But that is extremely sweet. :) Good luck with the planning

    1. Thank you Andrea, that would have been a lovely and in reality wherever the rings come from they always represent commitment and are so special to both of you. I joke that I could have had a twist tie and it would have been perfect. My mom also had my grandmother's and I did try it on. There was no way for that to even fit my pinky! I don't even have big hands! Grandmas must have been tiny people!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful story! Sounds like we're getting hitched around the same time. We have been thinking of ways to honor our parents and their marriages as well. My fiance is writing an adaptation of proverbs 31 in honor of his mom, and it will be read at the ceremony as she will probably be too ill to join us.

  3. That is so thoughtful and beautiful Juni. It is hard when someone so important to you can't be there but your fiancé's adaptation will surly be wonderful. Proverbs 31 is so perfect for that!

  4. what a amazing story! those rings are truly made for you two. :)

  5. they look so perfect together! really meant to be ;) how beautiful, thanks for sharing this with us

  6. What a beautiful story! It absolutely sounds like it was meant to be. It's wonderful that your rings have a family connection and also match each other!

    It was funny to see this in my feed because we just picked out our wedding bands yesterday. We hadn't really thought about it much, but on a whim last week I decided it would be nice if our bands matched. The ring I chose looks a lot like the one you linked to on Etsy except it has a wheat pattern instead of a flower design. His has the same pattern except it's wider. I'm so excited to order them!

    Congrats on finding your perfect rings, and I hope the rest of your planning is going smoothly!


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