In the Garden: Herbs

My first garden post of the year! I feel like we've been behind in gardening but last year we learnt that we started everything too early the hard way. Nights here still dip down to 0C or below until the end of May so starting our veggies on April 7th last year (I remember the exact date...) was too early. About a month too early. They suffered acclimatizing to the cold nights even in the greenhouse. Everything recovered and became extremely viable but it was sad to see my poor plant-babies looking like they had died. Full disclosure: I may get too attached to my plants. 

Since I was antsy to get some seeds in soil, I started up my herbs. This year we bought a little plant light to help them along as well. Another bonus is that I can grow my herbs all throughout those dark winter months now! Last year I put them in a large trough-type planter but it ended up being annoying to get to on our little balcony. I opted for single pots this year and planted my favourites: cilantro, dill, basil, and garlic chives. 

Planting gets me so excited. The first thing I do when I get home from work is to go check out how much they've grown. What are you planting this year?

Below is my crocus that up and died on me! I thought he would be happier in dirt than in just a jar of water. Boy, was I was wrong! 

And one week later:


Drive By: Central Alberta (and some ramblings)

Life has been so busy lately. I don't like it! I'm much more happy puttering along than rushing from one thing to another. I like to move at a slower speed but oh well! All you can do is carry on carrying on. I'm happy to report that I'm getting close to finishing the bane of my existence though. The wedding dress. I can't say it's gone completely smoothly. Apparently, I have no shoulders or back as it seems no matter how many times I alter the back of dress to be smaller it's still too big! I've reached the point where it is as good as it gets and I'm moving on to other parts of it because if I need to change the back one more time I'm going to take some shears to it. I realized we surpassed the 100 days to the wedding countdown last week and I have this funny feeling I'm forgetting something. Something big, I'm sure. I just can't put my finger on it!

Switching gears to these photos. They are from last summer (I had to dip into the archives). It's another edition of photos taken from the car! Alberta is pretty vast. If I asked David to pull over every time I wanted to snap a photo we wouldn't get anywhere so I like to snap a few from the road. Recently, there has been a video floating around of some poor woman who won a trip to Edmonton on the Price is Right. She was so excited as they rolled photos of the Rocky Mountains. In reality those mountains are about a 4 hour drive away from Edmonton. These photos more accurately describe what she is going to experience!

Serious false advertising Drew Carey!


Lofty Knitting Plans

David took me to the fancy yarn store for my birthday last week. I went a little too wild and got some amazing yarn. Usually yarn comes to me via the second hand store but I was spoilt a little bit. My knitting board on pinterest is bursting and I have so many project I want to make. This little toque is being made currently and it's nothing fancy really. I do plan on practicing a bit more flair with my new yarns as well as colour combinations. I can't say I've worked on my new year's resolution of knitting with colour and patterns at all. Finding enough matching second hand yarn in enough colours is quite a challenge but with these fancy new yarns in my possession all I can think about is creating! I've been day-dreaming this whole week whilst supposed to be working!

Have a great weekend! Wine and wool will certainly be involved in of mine!


Spring Time Prep

The snow has gone and hopefully will not be returning! That means it's time to get the greenhouse and garden ready to go. I got a little carried away last week talking about the garden. Hey, it's an exciting time of year! There is lots of organizing, unpacking, rototilling, and planning to be done. I can't wait to get planting and start enjoying some tasty fruits and veggies again.


That One Day of the Year.

Last year I did a rough version of a day in the life of my birthday. As someone who doesn't tend to do much it is nice to have a little recap to look at what I did that day. I honestly can maybe remember how I spent my birthday twice out of the last 10 years. Including my post from last year! Well here goes today...

Went to work. Not terribly exciting but I only work half days on Friday so I was off by noon.

I booked a massage after work at my favourite place. Got all relaxed and enjoyed some aromatherapy. 

This spa has what they call a caldarium complete will heated rock seats, a lovely water fountain, and "stars" all over the ceiling. The perfect place to have some water and start to think about entering real life. I finally tore myself away after a aromatherapy steam shower.

I took a stop at the mall to kill some time before David got off work and also to get some wedding make-up, bridesmaids gifts, and my favourite soap ever from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company. Yes, I also bought myself a loaf of bread. We headed out to Famoso for supper (same as last year). I always think I want to go somewhere fancy but then I remember we would have to drive downtown, fight for parking, and wait in lines and I quickly change my mind.

Finally I finished up the night as the old lady I now am. Sipping wine, knitting a blanket, and watching Coronation Street.


That Golden Hour

I am nearing the end of my winter/ocean photo reserve. Surely everyone as sick of looking at snow as I am! Spring is such a refreshing time of year. I've started some crocuses in the living room and I am trying to grow an avocado plant from the "pit". Nothing has happened yet but apparently it takes awhile. Vegetables trays and marigolds will soon be planted as well to take over my living room for a few months. Check out last years take over here. A lot was learned from last year and we are fully overhauling the amount we are going to plant. We had way too much of some items and not enough of others. We are also adding a whole new section to the garden for sunflowers and wildflowers. Last year was soooooo productive and I'm sure it was because of the 100's sunflowers that the birds "planted" for us (annoying at first). The sunflowers attracted so many bees. Our squash production was insane. Some zucchini's were producing 2-3 a day and we had a dozen plants! I was bringing bags and bags in to work for people to take home with them.

Ok, I seem to have gotten carried away with garden talk!


Wedding Thoughts On: A Photography Update!

In my original post on our wedding photography we had pretty much given up on being able to find someone in our budget and time frame. It was disappointing but we were just going to have to accept it. I wasn't trying to be cheap and find someone who would work for free but I also wasn't going to go into debt for the sake of photos either. Annoyingly (to us), we had criteria that was difficult to find a fit for. We needed a photographer willing to come to Placentia (roughly one hour from St. John's) for only 2 hours. They had to charge under $1000 and, of course, match our photography tastes. It was certainly proving to be impossible. Most photographers we contacted didn't do such a short day. Which totally makes sense when you want to maximize your day for maximum profit. We thought since we were having it on a Friday it may be a bit easier but that didn't seem to be the case.

**A quick recap of why we only needed 2 hours of coverage (feel free to skip this boring part!): The ceremony doesn't start until 4:30pm due to the majority of people travelling upwards of 3 hours to get there. We are not having a traditional reception in the sense that we are forgoing the dedicated dances (first dance, mother-son, ect) and speeches. Because of this I don't really see the need to have professional photos of the reception. Personal opinion here but I also don't feel the need to professionally document getting dressed either. Since we were starting the wedding later in the day we didn't want to be away from our guest too long for a multitude of portraits so we decided to just have a few outside the church. All that being said, we would need photography coverage just from 4-6.**

In a last ditch effort I posted on Weddingbee describing what I was looking for and if anyone (anyone!!) knew of someone I would be all ears. I had a few replies. I started emailing and turns out most of them did not shoot weddings anymore or had too high of a price. Sigh. I finally emailed the last suggestion. That one wonderful, wonderful lady turned out fit the bill perfectly! 

Allison Woolridge came to our rescue! She was willing to come out to Placentia and her price was extremely competitive even including her travel time. She had no problem with the small timeframe and (most importantly) I really loved her style. 

Moral of the story: Don't give up! Even though I am a pretty laid back person and was fully willing to somehow make DIY photography work, I was a tad bit sad that we couldn't find a photographer to work with. Our plan still stands as far as just photos of the ceremony and then some photos outside the church with family but it is going to be much less stressful with a professional running the show!


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