Drive By: Central Alberta (and some ramblings)

Life has been so busy lately. I don't like it! I'm much more happy puttering along than rushing from one thing to another. I like to move at a slower speed but oh well! All you can do is carry on carrying on. I'm happy to report that I'm getting close to finishing the bane of my existence though. The wedding dress. I can't say it's gone completely smoothly. Apparently, I have no shoulders or back as it seems no matter how many times I alter the back of dress to be smaller it's still too big! I've reached the point where it is as good as it gets and I'm moving on to other parts of it because if I need to change the back one more time I'm going to take some shears to it. I realized we surpassed the 100 days to the wedding countdown last week and I have this funny feeling I'm forgetting something. Something big, I'm sure. I just can't put my finger on it!

Switching gears to these photos. They are from last summer (I had to dip into the archives). It's another edition of photos taken from the car! Alberta is pretty vast. If I asked David to pull over every time I wanted to snap a photo we wouldn't get anywhere so I like to snap a few from the road. Recently, there has been a video floating around of some poor woman who won a trip to Edmonton on the Price is Right. She was so excited as they rolled photos of the Rocky Mountains. In reality those mountains are about a 4 hour drive away from Edmonton. These photos more accurately describe what she is going to experience!

Serious false advertising Drew Carey!


  1. As always, your photos are divine!! How I'd love to spend days and days, adventuring like this, so damn beautiful. And YES, to life having a slower pace... we're finally getting settled in our new home and I'm so looking forward to life feeling way slower! xo

  2. AHH girl I am seriously so excited to see your dress. Veronika up there is also totally right. SO damn beautiful and you do a great job of capturing it.

  3. Ohhh! Such magnificent landscapes! And such bright colours!

  4. How have I only JUST found your blog!?! Love it, these photos are so stunning and make me miss Alberta so much.
    And you're getting married!? I know where I'm going now... deep into your archives to get the full story... ;)

    timothy + ariana


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