Lofty Knitting Plans

David took me to the fancy yarn store for my birthday last week. I went a little too wild and got some amazing yarn. Usually yarn comes to me via the second hand store but I was spoilt a little bit. My knitting board on pinterest is bursting and I have so many project I want to make. This little toque is being made currently and it's nothing fancy really. I do plan on practicing a bit more flair with my new yarns as well as colour combinations. I can't say I've worked on my new year's resolution of knitting with colour and patterns at all. Finding enough matching second hand yarn in enough colours is quite a challenge but with these fancy new yarns in my possession all I can think about is creating! I've been day-dreaming this whole week whilst supposed to be working!

Have a great weekend! Wine and wool will certainly be involved in of mine!


  1. that is a very beautiful yarn! we have a fancy yarn shop near my house and yet i've never gone in! one day, i need to just treat myself to fancy yarn too instead of treating myself to more work clothes. hehehe.

    1. I could have spent hours feeling my way around the yarn store! Thankfully it's quite far from my house so I can't go there too often!

  2. This yarn is beautiful!



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