That One Day of the Year.

Last year I did a rough version of a day in the life of my birthday. As someone who doesn't tend to do much it is nice to have a little recap to look at what I did that day. I honestly can maybe remember how I spent my birthday twice out of the last 10 years. Including my post from last year! Well here goes today...

Went to work. Not terribly exciting but I only work half days on Friday so I was off by noon.

I booked a massage after work at my favourite place. Got all relaxed and enjoyed some aromatherapy. 

This spa has what they call a caldarium complete will heated rock seats, a lovely water fountain, and "stars" all over the ceiling. The perfect place to have some water and start to think about entering real life. I finally tore myself away after a aromatherapy steam shower.

I took a stop at the mall to kill some time before David got off work and also to get some wedding make-up, bridesmaids gifts, and my favourite soap ever from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company. Yes, I also bought myself a loaf of bread. We headed out to Famoso for supper (same as last year). I always think I want to go somewhere fancy but then I remember we would have to drive downtown, fight for parking, and wait in lines and I quickly change my mind.

Finally I finished up the night as the old lady I now am. Sipping wine, knitting a blanket, and watching Coronation Street.


  1. happy birthday beautiful! x


  2. Wonderful post! Happy birthday!


  3. Great post! :-D

    Happy belated birthday to you!!!


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