Wedding Thoughts On: A Photography Update!

In my original post on our wedding photography we had pretty much given up on being able to find someone in our budget and time frame. It was disappointing but we were just going to have to accept it. I wasn't trying to be cheap and find someone who would work for free but I also wasn't going to go into debt for the sake of photos either. Annoyingly (to us), we had criteria that was difficult to find a fit for. We needed a photographer willing to come to Placentia (roughly one hour from St. John's) for only 2 hours. They had to charge under $1000 and, of course, match our photography tastes. It was certainly proving to be impossible. Most photographers we contacted didn't do such a short day. Which totally makes sense when you want to maximize your day for maximum profit. We thought since we were having it on a Friday it may be a bit easier but that didn't seem to be the case.

**A quick recap of why we only needed 2 hours of coverage (feel free to skip this boring part!): The ceremony doesn't start until 4:30pm due to the majority of people travelling upwards of 3 hours to get there. We are not having a traditional reception in the sense that we are forgoing the dedicated dances (first dance, mother-son, ect) and speeches. Because of this I don't really see the need to have professional photos of the reception. Personal opinion here but I also don't feel the need to professionally document getting dressed either. Since we were starting the wedding later in the day we didn't want to be away from our guest too long for a multitude of portraits so we decided to just have a few outside the church. All that being said, we would need photography coverage just from 4-6.**

In a last ditch effort I posted on Weddingbee describing what I was looking for and if anyone (anyone!!) knew of someone I would be all ears. I had a few replies. I started emailing and turns out most of them did not shoot weddings anymore or had too high of a price. Sigh. I finally emailed the last suggestion. That one wonderful, wonderful lady turned out fit the bill perfectly! 

Allison Woolridge came to our rescue! She was willing to come out to Placentia and her price was extremely competitive even including her travel time. She had no problem with the small timeframe and (most importantly) I really loved her style. 

Moral of the story: Don't give up! Even though I am a pretty laid back person and was fully willing to somehow make DIY photography work, I was a tad bit sad that we couldn't find a photographer to work with. Our plan still stands as far as just photos of the ceremony and then some photos outside the church with family but it is going to be much less stressful with a professional running the show!


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