Alberta in Bloom

I spent Sunday wallowing in my own self-pity with a side of heat exhaustion. It was nearly 30C while we planted the garden on Saturday and despite my best efforts (wide brimmed hat, shoulders covered, plenty of water/powerade, and frequent breaks in the shade) I still managed to make myself sick. Have I mentioned I am just not cut out of anything over 20C?? 

I find my lack of heat resilience puts me off of travelling to certain places. If I were to go anywhere like Australia or the Mediterranean it would certainly have to be in the winter season. I once went to Hawaii where I hung out at the beach from about 6am - 10am. Until the sun went back down I had to hide in an air conditioned space. Not going to lie... I probably won't be back there again. Lovely place but pretty expensive to just sit in the hotel room or mall for the majority of the day. I need to steer clear of the equator. My favourite place I've travelled (abroad) to is Scotland. So cold! It took me days to warm up! I loved it. It was like my ideal habitat!

Maybe a tolerance could be built up? Either way I would love some tips on staying cool! How do you guys beat the heat? 


  1. For me, I guess I'm kinda used to it. Summers here can get in the 90s and 100s! But I guess stay out of the heat in those sweltering afternoon hours, drink TONS of water, and get a little spritz bottle of water to spray on yourself periodically, or a fan. Gorgeous garden by the way!

  2. Beautiful photos! Dealing with the NZ heat (it can get pretty muggy) involves lots of hiding in the shade, and being by the sea to enjoy some breeze! But now it's wintery time and I can hardly imagine being too hot!


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